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Teaching English Studies in Higher Education – Suggestions for reading


This brief list is intended as a round up of work on teaching and learning that has an especial relevance to English Studies. It originated as a bibliography for New Lecturers, but is not intended to duplicate generic bibliographies of the sort many will have received in the course of their institutional certificate courses. We have also taken a deliberate decision to avoid – tempting as they were – listing books on the psychology of learning or on groupwork. One object of this list is to stimulate thinking about the need to develop a habit of sharing practice – and beyond that, a genre of subject-specific research on teaching. At the same time, we certainly don’t want to collude in a sense of superiority towards all ‘generic’ materials. There’s some good stuff out there, and we recommend, for example, the revised edition of Paul Ramsden’s Learning to Teach in Higher Education (Routledge 2003), and – particularly if you are interested in the burgeoning domain of e-learning – Diane Laurillard’s Rethinking University Teaching: A Conversational Framework for the Effective Use of Learning Technologies (2nd. Edition, Routledge 2002). At the moment, however, there is relatively little to recommend of a subject-specific nature.

The Subject Centre works with Palgrave Macmillan in editing the series Teaching the New English, thirteen volumes of which have been published. The object of the series is to enable a mix of theory and practical reflection to be addressed to English as a subject whose power resides in its very dialogic nature.