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What is ‘Renewals’ about?

This second English Subject Centre international conference will address the matter of the discipline through performance, writing, rehearsal, technologies, pedagogy – all the ways in which students and scholars ‘do’ their subject. Sessions will be grouped within the following broad themes:

In all themes (and, we hope, in the conversation between them) the object is to explore the affinities between the processes of scholarship and the processes of teaching. In what ways do we or could we invite students to replicate, appropriate or re-chart the voyages of discovery that – for us as scholars - constitute our subject? The themes do not attempt to cover all the varieties of teaching that take place in the English disciplines. But they do represent some of the areas where there is a vigorous interaction between colleagues' research and the forms of student learning. In other words, spaces where the dissolution of barriers between knowledge and process may be most productively explored.

The Conference is not limited to a particular area of the curriculum. Within the originally suggested ‘themes’, topics have emerged from the interests of proposers. We hope that probes into activities as various as studying political discourse or life writing, re-writing Macbeth, case studies of teaching as rehearsal, or creating journals or blogs will result in new and even surprising insights. The six ‘themes’ represent sequences of related panels which will run concurrently through the Conference. Where appropriate they will be complemented by activities (readings of creative work, blog sessions, posters, rehearsals or performances) in the Conference fringe.