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Many thanks to all those who contributed their time, enthusiasm and ideas to making 'Renewals' such a successful conference.

You may be interested to read and comment on Catherine Samiei's report of the conference on the blog....

Conference plenary speakers :

Dr Alan Liu
Alan Liu
Andrew Motion
Andrew Motion
Elaine Showalter
Elaine Showalter
Jonathan Bate
Jonathan Bate
Richard Miller
Richard E. Miller

Why ‘Renewals’?

View a slideshow of the conference venue
View a slideshow of the
conference venue

English (Literature, Language, and Creative Writing) is a self-renewing and ever-changing subject. One axis of change derives from interaction with adjacent subjects – drama, philosophy, history, media studies, and so on. Another comes from the shifting relations between teacher scholars and their students. In few subjects do the cultures of teaching and of scholarship have such a potentially transformative reciprocal influence. The object of this Conference is to understand, through the lens of teaching, how English is being, and might be, refigured in higher education.

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What is ‘Renewals’ about?

This second English Subject Centre international conference will address the matter of the discipline through performance, writing, rehearsal, technologies, pedagogy – all the ways in which students and scholars ‘do’ their subject. Sessions will be grouped within the following broad strands or themes:

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How? A fresh format…

Given this orientation towards practice, the conference will emphasise structured reflective activity. There will of course be plenary presentations, but the conference will also create a dialogue between presentation and practical ‘hands on’ exploration in smaller groups. Evening readings and performances will complement the daytime programme.

The Conference will begin at lunchtime on Thursday 5 July, and close shortly after midday on Saturday 7 July.

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