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Conference Volume

Professor Philip Martin, the former Director of the English Subject Centre, is editing a volume based on the contributions to the conference.

The volume is conceived in much the same way as the conference. Taking its title as The Condition of the Subject, the volume’s purpose will reflect on English as it is taught in universities worldwide now, as well as speculate about its future. The topics covered by the plenary speakers will be represented in the volume, together with the topics of the panels. There will also be sections on such subjects as ‘Defining and Teaching the Curriculum’, ‘English Pedagogies’, ‘Theory Now’, and other strands within the seminar sessions. The Condition of the Subject will be a volume that is fully representative of the nature of English at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and indeed, of the intellectual and pedagogic debates which lie at the heart of its practice.

If you are gave a paper at the conference, and you would like your work to be considered for inclusion in the volume, you should submit your paper by the end of October 2003, when completed, as a Word file, to, under the heading COSconvol. All papers so submitted should abide by the MHRA conventions.

Philip Martin.
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