Newsletter: Issue 6

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February 2004

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  • Editorial
    Professor Ben Knights, Director, English Subject Centre
  • Humanities Degrees in Writing–Intensive Professions
    Dr Tory Young of Anglia Polytechnic University surveys the Speak-Write Programme which researched the needs of graduates working in writing-intensive professions and addressed the teaching of advanced communication skills to humanities students.
  • The Status of Writing in the University
    Carson Bergstrom of Salford University presents his case for the centrality of writing skills in the undergraduate degree. This paper is based on one presented at ‘The Condition of the Subject’ Conference held at the University of London in July 2003.
  • Digital Resources for Teaching and Discussion
    Dr Christie Carson, English Subject Centre Project Officer for C & IT, reviews her work in developing technology-based approaches to teaching.
  • Resisting the Resistance to Reading
    In a version of a paper presented at ‘The Condition of the Subject’ Conference in July 2003, Dr Katharine Cockin, Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Hull considers the act of reading and its place in higher education.
  • Active Reading: An Interim Report
    The National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Project ‘Active Reading’ is but one of the initiatives developing in the interstices of literary studies and creative writing. But given the potential interest in the expanded NTF Scheme , this article by Ben Knights, Director of the English Subject Centre and Chris Thurgar-Dawson of Teesside University may serve also as an example of a discipline-related project.
  • The Origins of the Reading Public 1830-1870
    This paper is an edited version of a report written by Professor John Simons (Edge Hill College) and Professor Brian Maidment (Salford University) on their departmental project sponsored by the English Subject Centre. Dr Margaret Forsyth was a research assistant on the project.
  • Building Bridges
    Professor Ben Knights, Director of the English Subject Centre, examines the nature of, and the reasons for, the secondary/tertiary divide in English studies in the UK
  • English in Schools: death by Drowning?
    This paper is an edited transcript of a presentation made by Dr Bethan Marshall of King’s College, London as part of the panel on English Futures at ‘The Condition of the Subject’ Conference in July 2003. The Panel was chaired by Professor Philip Martin, De Montfort University and included Professor Drummond Bone, University of Liverpool and Professor Martin Kayman, Cardiff University.
  • English and Philosophy
    Mark Addis is a lecturer in philosophy and critical theory in the School of English at the University of Central England. Here he considers the current and potential relationships between English and philosophy in higher education.
English Subject Centre News and Reports
  • English and Area Studies
    Dr Siobhán Holland, English Subject Centre
  • A View From…
    Carol Eckersley, Administrator at the English Subject Centre, shares her experiences in organising the many events that we run each year.
  • Two Events in Glasgow Addressing C and IT Issues
  • Personal Development Planning for the Fainthearted: What’s in it for us?
    Rob Ward, Director of the Centre for Recording Achievement, offers a perspective on Personal Development Planning (PDP) for those who have yet to get started.
  • Text Book Review: Get Set for Literature
    Tracy Brennan, a third-year undergraduate on the BA English Studies at Teesside University, reviews Get Set for English Literature by David Amigoni and Julie Sanders, Edinburgh: University Press, 2003
  • IT Works!