Magazine: Wordplay – Issue 3

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The English Subject Centre Magazine

Issue 3
April 2010

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  • Welcome
    English Subject Centre Magazine editor Dr Nicole King introduces our third issue.
  • IT Works
    Brett Lucas casts his eye over recent developments in the world of e-learning
  • Student Voices: a report on the experience of studying English in the UK
    In this extended extract of a major study for the English Subject Centre on the reading habits and general experience of the BA in English, Creative Writing and English Language, John Hodgson captures the voices of today’s students.
  • Teaching as a shared practice: an interview with Morag Shiach
    Morag Shiach is the Vice-Principal for Teaching and Learning and Professor of Cultural History in the School of English and Drama at Queen Mary, University of London. Nicole King sat down to talk with her in February, at her offices in the Administrative wing of the university.
  • The Anxiety of Influence: inside UEA’s Creative Writing MA
    Andrew Cowan gives a nuanced perspective on the Creative Writing MA at the University of East Anglia, by drawing on his experience there as a curmudgeonly student in the 1990s and now as a member of staff.
  • The Implied Aesthetic of English Teaching
    Ben Knights delves into the implicit and unspoken aspects of how we teach and how students learn in our family of subjects. What are the tacit rules, the hidden networks, which students must access to literally become English students? What is the relation between the practice of teaching and the subject matter we engage with?
  • Not more of the same: a modern twist on professional writing
    Christina Bunce writes about the MA Professional Writing course at University College Falmouth.
Creative Pedagogies
  • Here when you want them: statistics on English and Creative Writing
    Jane Gawthrope presents a synthesis of some recent statistics from several sources
  • Odour of Chrysanthemums: a text in process
    It began as an English Subject Centre mini-project and grew into a life-changing experience: Sean Matthews reflects on working with manuscripts, building a website and introducing readers to a whole new way of learning and doing criticism.
  • Bologna: 10 years on
    This year’s launch of the European Higher Education Area is an opportunity to review the progress of the Bologna reforms and set about addressing the remaining challenges, particularly that of increasing UK student mobility and ensuring greater participation by under-represented groups. Graeme Roberts
Student Perspective
  • Meet our student Bloggers!
    Six undergraduates have been blogging on the Subject Centre website about their experience of studying English at university. Read a sample of some of their posts.
Book Reviews
Teaching North American Environmental Literature, by Laird Christensen, Mark C Long and Fred Waage
Reviewed by Greg Garrard
A History of English Literature, 2nd edition , by Michael Alexander
Reviewed by Natalie Clark
Event Reports
  • Breaking Boundaries
  • Teaching the History of the English Language: Methods and Materials
  • Networking Day for Admission Tutors
  • Beyond the Classroom: English in the Community
  • Sounding it out: the performance of English
  • Desert Island Texts
    Lecturers registered in our Directory of Experience and Interests database highlight their favourite books. This month: Alice Ferrebe
  • The Last Word
    Aidan Byrne teaches in the English and Media/Cultural Studies departments at Wolverhampton University