Library services: Questions for library representatives

Library services

  1. I’ve been appointed library representative for my dept. what does this involve?
    The library representative acts as a link between the library and the department, ensuring that any departmental issues can be brought to the attention of the library as soon as possible. They also act as the focus for information from the library. Library reps usually have a responsibility for ensuring that book and journal funds are spent and may be required to attend a library user group, usually two or three times a year.
  2. How do I know how much is in the book fund?
    Your subject librarian will be able to give you regular updates on your library book fund.
    How do I share out the book fund?
    This may be at your discretion or there may be a departmental policy. Some departments may like to apportion funds to each member of staff, some may prefer to allow free ordering with the library representative having overall control.
  3. Departmental funds, what are they for?
    To allow departments to recommend books and journals relevant to their subject areas and their teaching.
  4. General funds, what are they for?
    The library uses general funds to purchase items of use to a number of departments, such as dictionaries, newspapers and reference works of general interest.
  5. How do I know when an item has arrived?
    The library’s purchasing department may be able to return a copy of your order when a book comes into stock, or a new acquisitions list may be available. Increasingly libraries operate an automated system for notification of arrivals.