Library services: About your course

Library services

  1. What do I do if I want an item that the library doesn’t have in stock?
    Who do I contact?
    Your subject librarian. You should supply details of the item that you want: author, title, publisher and date of publication if possible. For some items a supplier’s address would be useful. The library will usually prioritise items from your reading lists, (or there may be a departmental policy on how these are treated) so be sure to send them to your subject librarian before you begin teaching your course. You may also be able to request items that you need for your research.
  2. What do I do with my reading list?
    What does the library do with my reading list?
    The library will check your list for books and journals already in stock and will buy copies of books not in stock, if available.
    Should I prioritise my reading list?
    It will help the library to purchase the right number of copies if you let them know which titles are essential reading and which are background.
    How long do items take to arrive?
    Books can take a long time to arrive for various reasons: publishers may be out of stock, the book may be coming from another country etc. Try to give the library as much notice as possible for all your orders.
  3. I want to make more use of e-resources/vles in my teaching, can the library help?
    Your subject librarian or learning technologist can give you information on the e-resources available. Many electronic resources will allow material to be pulled into online packages and lecture notes.
  4. How do I find out what the library has in stock?
    Most university libraries have a website from which you can access the catalogue. In addition it will provide a gateway to online bibliographic tools such as databases and electronic journals. The library catalogue will show you what’s in stock both in the main library and in the store, if there is one. It usually includes non-book materials such as DVDs as well as books and journals. The catalogue will also show you the loan periods for different books eg. short loan, semester loan etc. and whether an item is on loan or not.
  5. There aren’t enough copies of key texts for my students, what do I do?
    The library will usually have a maximum number of copies which it will order. Find out the quota allowed for purchase and order up to that number. It may also be possible to purchase an electronic copy of a book. If a book is out of print the library may be able to source copies from second hand book-sellers. Don’t assume that students will buy a text even if you have told them to!
  6. I will be starting a new course and there’s nothing in the library, what do I do?
    Alert the library in plenty of time – three months before start of course, if possible, – and talk to the library and your academic department if the expenditure is likely to be great. It is likely that you will have to do this as part of the course validation process anyway.
  7. Can my students have an induction to library services?
    Most students will have a tour of the library during their first week on campus. This will familiarise them with the layout of the library and the location of various collections and may include an introduction to using the catalogue. For a more detailed introduction to using the library resources for specific subjects, see your subject librarian to arrange a user education session.
  8. Can the subject librarian run a user education session on library resources for my students?
    Yes, contact your subject librarian to arrange a date. It’s a good idea to specify the level of students for the session – introduction to subject resources for first years or advanced information skills for postgraduates – or mention any particular resources you would like to have covered.