Library services: About the library collection

Library services

  1. Why is that book there? Why aren’t my books all in one place?
    The library uses a classification scheme to organise the books on the shelves. The scheme groups subjects together in first broad then specific categories and places those books in sequence. Your books will have been classified according to the main subjects covered in the text.
  2. How much money is in the budget for my dept?
    How much can I spend on books / journals / ejournals etc?
    Ask your subject librarian or departmental representative.
    Is there any funding for new lecturers?
    The library or your academic department may have funds put aside for new courses.
  3. How do I start a new journal subscription?
    The library may run a review of journal subscriptions once a year which will allow you to suggest new titles for purchase. As a journal subscription is not a one-off purchase the library will need to consider costs in the light of budgets. Some electronic journal collections require the purchase of print titles, though they allow access to many more titles electronically.
  4. What is an ejournal?
    A journal that is available electronically, sometimes replacing the print copy of the journal, sometimes as an extra.
  5. How do I request a database?
    Like journals, subscriptions to databases are long-term additions to the library budget. Educational purchasing consortiums have negotiated discounts for some databases and your library will be able to take advantage of this.
  6. What is the short loan collection for?
    Books that are highly recommended may be put in a special collection that limits their use to the library only or restricts their borrowing to short periods of time, usually hours. The purpose of such a collection is to increase the availability of essential books.
  7. Can the library obtain copies of journal articles?
    The library can obtain copies of articles not held in stock from the British Library’s Lending Division. You can ask for personal copies for your research or the library can order a copyright-cleared copy for library stock.
  8. Can the library record a tv series for me?
    The library may be able to make off-air recordings for you or ask for them to be made by your media services department. These recordings are kept under a licence that allows educational use only, so they may be watched in the library or you may take them out to show in class.
  9. One of the books I want is out of print, can the library buy it?
    Yes, if the book is available from a second hand book supplier.
  10. Why doesn’t the library order everything on Amazon?
    Libraries use book suppliers who give discounts on the published price of books and may also provide some processing e.g. security tags, date labels etc. For libraries handling thousands of orders each year, it is important to use suppliers who are used to dealing with bulk purchasing and can provide invoicing and reporting systems.