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Project Description

Many students of English tend to use their careers service facilities too little too late in their academic lifecycle. There is still an assumption that the English degree will be the main factor defining their career choices, and many are unaware of the importance of good quality work experience or of the ways in which early involvement in extra-curricular activities can boost their employability skills. Some feel that careers services have little to offer English students and are therefore reluctant to engage in careers activities.

This project facilitated the development of an E-booklet produced by and for English students and graduates around the theme of aspirations and expectations for life after university.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Project report

Benefits to English students

The benefits for contributors to the booklet were in gaining more practical experience in writing for online publications and more work to add to their portfolios. In general the booklet added to the range of writing opportunities available (there is often a long queue of would-be contributors to student publications). For the readers there is advice, tips and case histories on career exploration, building employability skills and making the transition from university to employment but with the added value of having been produced by their peer group.

More significantly, the hope is that the booklet will succeed in generating greater “career awareness” at grass roots level amongst English students through the tactic of using a creative format they will understand, recognise and be more willing to engage with.

Contact Details

Stephanie Darking
Brunel University