Careers service: Making a Podcast on Commercial Awareness for English Students

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Project Description

This project will make a podcast on Commercial Awareness for English students. The idea is for English students themselves to do the podcast and to interview employers from a variety of sectors and other professionals (eg Careers Advisers) to get their views on how English students can make themselves more commercially aware. There will be a supporting written guide, again written by the students. Both the podcast and the guide will sit on the School of English pages of the Careers & Employability Service website as well as having a paper version of the guide.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Project report

Benefits to English students

This will be of benefit in two ways. Firstly, many English students do not see themselves as being commercially or business aware. This may be because they aren’t or because they do not know what to be commercially aware means and do not recognise it in themselves. It can also sound quite scary! By getting a range of employers to talk about what they mean by this awareness and how students can use their time at university to develop in this area this will enhance students’ awareness and in turn reflect in better job applications and possibly wider career choices.

Secondly by getting students themselves to run the project, this will enhance their skills too. It should appeal to those students who want to get into such competitive industries as journalism, PR, publishing, media etc.

Contact Details

Diane Appleton        
University of Liverpool