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Project Description

The project comprised the organisation of a series of employer led workshops that provided creative writing students with insights into how they might establish careers in industries such as journalism, publishing and other forms of creative writing.
However, rather than just organising these workshops on the students’ behalf, the project provided opportunities for students to develop their employability skills by requiring them to organise the workshops themselves. The Careers Service and the School of English, Sociology, Politics and Contemporary History supported the students as they went through the process of identifying and booking speakers, booking rooms, publicising the events to fellow students and hosting speakers on the day.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Benefits to English students

Using creative writing skills as a means to earning a living requires more than just the ability to write. Skills of self-promotion and networking are essential elements in becoming established in many of the worlds within which writers exist. By going through the process of organising these workshops, students had the opportunity to network with professionals in relevant occupations, learn valuable lessons about how to communicate with these professionals and found out more about the types of outlets available to creative writers. Team work also formed a valuable part of the task.
In addition to the process of setting up the workshops, students also benefitted from attendance at the events themselves. From these they heard first hand accounts of how professionals have established their own careers as writers, publishers, journalists or dramatists.

In what ways was your project new or innovatory

The project was innovatory by expanding the idea of offering career focussed workshops into opportunities for teams of students to significantly develop their employability skills and career development learning.

Contact Details

Peter Ireland
University of Salford