Enhancing Careers Services for English Students

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Project overview

This page contains information about a group of projects run from 2005/2006 to 2008/2009 aimed at enhancing  careers services for English students.  You can find out more about individual projects in the panel on the right-hand side: there is a link to projects from previous years at the bottom of the list of 08/09 projects. Projects, were disseminated at an annual Networking Day for Humanities Careers Advisers held each summer.

The additional funding enabled Careers Advisers to offer services tailored to the needs of English students. The projects were often innovative in the way they deliver services, and involve students in the production of resources or events.

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It is a widespread view that English graduates are not good at ‘selling’ themselves to employers. This is not to say that they lack the skills, attributes and enthusiasm that employers seek: research conducted by the English Subject Centre shows that English graduates are doing as well as, if not better than, most other graduates three to four years after graduation.

Employers value the skills in critical thinking, communication and analysis that English graduates usually possess, but our students tend to underestimate the relevance of these skills to the workplace. (The ‘student profiles’ project undertaken by the Subject Centre produced a template which helps students link the skills listed in the English Benchmark Statement to those typically sought by employers.) English students need assistance and encouragement in articulating, in a way that is interesting and relevant to employers, the skills and attributes they have developed whilst studying and engaging in extra-curricular activity. It is for this reason that the Subject Centre sponsored these projects.

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