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Project Description

This project will look at raising aspirations of English university students and helping them realise the value of their English degree. This would involve producing 4 – 5 short videos interviewing English graduates about the job they currently do, how valuable their English degree has been and what tips they would give for future English graduates seeking graduate level work. These videos will then be used on careers websites, by departments and in seminars to promote the value of English as a subject and the importance of employability.

English students will volunteer to be involved in the project and will take on responsibility (with guidance) for arranging the interviews and making the videos. Post production will be done by an external organisation using the funding available to ensure the videos are of a professional quality. Support will also be provided by our corporate communications department as they already have experience of producing professional quality short videos.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Project report

Making English Work– You can now view the video below

Benefit to English Students

This will benefit English students at our institution in terms of raising their aspirations, allowing them to consider job options, consider what they need to do to get into graduate jobs and raise the importance of employability. It will also help them to think about how their English degree can support them in their future career. It will help them to be more motivated about their course. The videos could be used to support careers seminars and work in the curriculum.

Additionally, the English students involved in the project will get experience of planning and delivering a project as well as the process of making a short film. They will also further enhance general employability skills such as communication, building working relationships and effective team working.

Ways in which your Project is New or Innovatory

This project is entirely new for the University Careers service and although we have done video podcasts before, this will be the first time it has been done following up graduates who have already left. It will also be a new project for our English department and will help promote our courses. Additionally, this is an innovatory project for English as a degree subject and could also be used by the English Subject Centre.

Contact Details

Justin Richardson
Liverpool University