Literary & Critical theory: Additional reference

Literary & Critical theory

Introductory Guide to Critical Theory
In addition to the many excellent printed student guides to theory, we’d like to recommend Dino Felluga’s for student use, as well as a source of teaching ideas.

On the Teaching of Literary Theory
It’s still worth reading D.G. Myers’ 1994 article with its case that

… the best approach to the teaching of theory may be to presume that the texts on one’s syllabus are in error. They are to be swallowed only if, upon consideration, they succeed in making their case. Theoretical texts cannot be taught as if the truth or falsehood of their contents were not in question, and to teach them as prima facie true is to foreclose the question …. If we are serious in believing that the role of theory is to oppose cultural authority, if we are sincere in our objective of putting self-evident certainties under interrogation, what better way than by leading our students to struggle against the authorities that we ourselves have placed in their hands?

MIT ‘Open Course Ware
As a source of ideas and references, it is sometimes worth exploring material available on the open learning site. See, for example, the Introduction to Literary Theory unit.