Assessment: Additional reference


Assessment and English Studies

Assessment and the Expanded Text
This project, funded by the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL), produced a range of booklets which explore the relationships between assessment and the variety of work students are now asked to produce on literature and creative writing courses. The booklets discuss the use of:

  • student self-assessment forms
  • assessment designs which simulate publishing situations
  • virtual learning environments and assessment practice
  • Learning journals

Oral assessment in a discursive discipline
This report was drawn up by Siobhan Holland as a record of the English Subject Centre’s first symposium on assessment. The report includes a list of proposals which might usefully be discussed in a departmental meeting.

Problem-Based Learning in Literary Studies
A summary of the work of Bill Hutchings and Karen O’Rourke on transferring the techniques of Problem-based learning (PBL) from Medicine to English, published in Arts and Humanities in Higher Education (2002), 73-83. Hutchings and O’Rourke also describe their project in a short article in the English Subject Centre Newsletter.

What are Essays for?
An essay by Peter Womack tracing the history and limitations of its own genre. Originally published in the NATE (National Association for the Teaching of English) journal English in Education in 1993.

Schrödinger’s Cat The bringing in of creativity – dead or alive?
A newsletter article by Mario Petrucci about the assessment of creativity.

Cross-Disciplinary Material on Assessment

QAA Code of Practice: Assessment
Second edition (September 2006) of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education’s guidance on assessment practice. Part of the overall QAA Code of practice for the assurance of academic quality and standards in higher education, with which HE institutions in the UK are expected to comply.

Assessment (Higher Education Academy)
Assessment resources from the Higher Education Academy, including video of students’ opinions about assessment and feedback.

Thinking Writing
The website of the project ‘Writing in the Disciplines’, based at Queen Mary, University of London. An invaluable set of resources and tutorials designed to help lecturers in all disciplines develop writing exercises for their students.

Assessment in Learning
The CETL (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) in Assessment in Learning is based at the University of Northumbria and will be investigating assessment practices in English, Education, Childhood Studies, History, Psychology and Engineering.

The ASSHE Inventory is a rich source of information and ideas on assessment in higher education. It brings together over 120 descriptions by Scottish university and college teachers of changes in how they assess their students’ progress and performance across all disciplines.

Deliberations: Assessment
A stimulating collection of essays (dating back to the late 1990s) on various aspects of assessment. Deliberations on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is an international website currently based at London Metropolitan University.

Assessment Evaluation in Higher Education
An international peer-reviewed journal, published by Taylor and Francis and available, in hard copy and online, to subscribers only.

Assessing Group Practice
A rich set of resources (focused on the performing arts but relevant to all disciplines) covering a wide range of issues connected with groupwork. Funded by HEFCE’s Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) in the period 2000 to 2004, this project was undertaken by a consortium of UK HE institutions.

Assessment (Exchange, Issue 4)
Issue 4 of the HE teaching and learning magazine, consisting entirely of articles on Assessment, covering topics including plagiarism, computer-aided assessment, assessment strategy and the assessment of disabled students.