Supplementary Discourses in Creative Writing Teaching

Assessment, Creative Writing


The Supplementary Discourses Project aimed to determine the range and extent of the discourses which supplement Creative Writing in Higher Education at a time when Creative Writing modules, pathways and programmes are becoming more widespread in the academy. It sought to evaluate the functions of such discourses in terms of pedagogy and level.

Project design

The project team designed, disseminated and analysed a questionnaire exploring uses of and attitudes to these kinds of writing. They then engaged in close analysis of practice in a range of broadly representative institutional contexts.

Key findings

The research report analyses in detail the rich data made available through the project team’s survey of views and practices in the national HE Creative Writing community. It confirms the prevalence of the assessment of supplementary discourses which encourage students to reflect critically on their creative work at the level of individual piece of coursework, module or programme. It reflects the ongoing commitment of academics in Creative Writing to the use of this kind of assessment and indicates the importance of this work to students’ final grades. At the same time it draws attention to the variety of forms and assessment modes associated with supplementary discourses. It makes available a range of views on their uses drawn from both staff and student perspectives. It also outlines a number of recommendations relating to the use of supplementary discourses on Creative Writing programmes.


Project leader

Dr Robert Sheppard
Edge Hill University College

Research period

January 2002 – April 2003