Creative Writing Project Module (CILASS)

Community Engagement, Creative Writing, Inquiry-based learning


We will develop an innovative new strand in our creative writing programme, piloting it as an MA module, as a way of establishing a successful template for IBL in this subject area.    We will also establish partnerships and a profile within the West London community.  This model could then be modified to offer appropriately scaled opportunties in a Year 3 module.

  • Students will collaborate on projects with ‘Spread The Word’, the ACE-supported resource that supports the development of new creative writing and live literature in London and maintains an online community of writers.
  • Students will benefit from experiential learning in arts management
  • Creative Writing students will be able to extend their practice in a community project
  • Students will be encouraged to find innovative ways to identify, engage and interact with their audience
  • Students will extend their professional preparation
  • Our graduates will gain confidence, transferable skills and practical experience

In the developing pedagogy of creative writing:

  • Staff will expand their understanding of creative writing teaching
  • Teaching practice will develop in closely connection with the local community of writers
  • Staff will increase awareness of literature in action in our community
  • Projects in educational will offer opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration with the School of Education (with whom we are already working on other initiatives)
  • Our community, which includes extensive areas of social deprivation, will benefit from the activities devised in this module.

Project leader

Celia Brayfield
English, Brunel University