Creating a database for resources and articles related to the theory of pedagogy in Creative Writing

Creative Writing, Pedagogic research

Brief description

The aim of this project was to create a searchable online resource, Creative Writing: Teaching Theory & Practice which would hold articles related specifically to the theoretical consideration of pedagogy in creative writing and which could be added to and developed after the period of the project had finished. As the project progressed, the development of an online journal became the main focus of the work, while other sorts of resources, such as books reviews and a discussion board, augmented the journal. The second edition of the journal, Creative Writing: Teaching, Theory & Practice was published online in October 2009.


There is a growing interest and accompanying body of literature emerging within Creative Writing as a subject area, which deals with the theoretical issues surrounding the pedagogy of the subject. This debate is on-going in the US, Australia and in the UK. With the rise of pedagogy modules on creative writing degrees, many have begun to question why we teach the way we do; what it is that we deliver in terms of transferable skills; what the body of knowledge within the subject actually is, how the workshop actually works as a space for learning and many other questions. The Creative Writing: Teaching Theory & Practice website encourages such debates and offers a resource for those interested, (students and teachers), to be able to access the latest thinking in that area of the subject. It also offers a resource where students of creative writing pedagogy and new teachers of creative writing can come for help, advice and to find information.

Project Design

Initially, articles for the journal were sought through open submission as well as commissioned from those who have already made significant contributions to the pedagogy of Creative Writing. A peer review panel was established from those with expertise in the field.

The structure and focus of the website was designed in consultation with the English Subject Centre and members of the Creative Writing community. University of Gloucestershire students were involved during the various project phases and continue to make contributions to the site.

The overall aim of the project was to produce a resource which could be used by lecturers in the field to keep themselves informed and updated with regard to the latest debates, books and articles published within the area, not just in the UK and Ireland but in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The objective was to provide an introduction to the theoretical aspects of creative writing pedagogy for those who are not yet familiar with it; to increase the knowledge of those who are; and to encourage further debate and articles dealing with the theory and to open it up as a subject area which may bear fruit not only within creative writing but within English more generally and perhaps the wider Arts and Humanities.


Please visit the website at Creative Writing: Teaching Theory & Practice


Project Leader

Nigel McLoughlin
University of Gloucestershire

Research Period

January 2008 – June 2009