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Richard Miller

Reading in Slow Motion: The Humanities and the Work of the Moment

Richard E. Miller

Date: Saturday 7 July

Time: 11:15

Venue: ALT1


With the world now awash with text, what is the point of writing? With information always just a few clicks away, what is the point of doing research? And, with our students released into the fast-paced, auto-didactically driven realms of the web, what is the point of teaching reading? Hasn’t the digital revolution effectively done away with the need for training students to work with print? In this talk, I will argue for a model of instruction in the humanities that concentrates on training students in the arts of meditative, speculative, deliberative thought. Setting aside pedagogical approaches to the humanities that seek to provide coverage, to build towards content-mastery, or to underwrite an exclusively critical worldview, I offer a definition of the humanities that prepares students to experience both the life of the mind and the ongoing encounter with one’s own limitations that makes this experience possible.

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