Online Workshopping at Bath Spa University

Online workshopping

“Through on-screen and on-line workshopping we hope to develop a more flexible and interactive paradigm, which allows all participants to share their thoughts and suggestions, and at the same time allows the tutor to provide exemplary editorial suggestions that can be implemented and seen immediately”

Good Practice Guide to online discussion

Good Practice Guide to Online Discussion



Welcome to the e-learning area of the website. This e-learning area currently consists of a growing archive of projects we have either sponsored or carried out ourselves looking at the ways in which technology is enhancing the teaching of English studies. You can access these from the sidebar.

Current work

One of the most exciting developments for the academic year 2009/10 is the arrival of the Subject Centre’s new e-learning consultant, Dr Rosie Miles from the University of Wolverhampton. Rosie is an enthusiastic user of her institution’s VLE with her students and has worked with us over a number of years in e-learning projects and initiatives. Make sure you also check her new blog: ‘A year in the life of e-learning in English’ and don’t forget to leave a comment! You can read more about what Rosie can offer on her web page.

We are currently working with our 4 cognate Subject Centres on a one-year major pilot project to design an ‘open’ collection of teaching materials across the humanities. We are calling it HumBox. We have also recently completed an innovative project exploring the pedagogical effectiveness of the Virtual World ‘Second Life’ with our colleagues at the PALATINE (Dance, Music and Drama). A seed guide for those starting out with VLE’s will be published shortly, as well as a Good Practice Guide to Online discussion.

The Duologue project looked at the rollout of a VLE in the English department at the University of Durham and examined the pedagogical issues from the viewpoint of both the students and staff involved. Digital Resources for Teaching and Discussion was a major project which examined how digital resources can assist learning and teaching and is designed to stimulate discussion about the use of digital resources in the discipline.

The e-learning events area (accessible from the left-hand navigation bar) contains an archive of all the events we have run on the subject many of which have downloadable materials, presentations, videos and reports. The right hand column on this page contains listings of some of the major events going on around the UK in the forthcoming months.

The publications area has a handy breakdown of all the articles that have appeared in our own publications as well as a list of links to the most popular journals, e-zines and online newsletters on the subject of e-learning.