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Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - Digital editions
The British library has made available William Caxton's two editions of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. You can both view and compare the texts.

The Harvard Chaucer site

Canterbury Cathedral


(notes on Chaucer’s writings)

Feminae (formerly the Medieval Feminist Index)

(site for feminist-inspired material, on subjects such as the Wife of Bath)

Chaucer and Spain

(Spanish Chaucerian connections. Some items in English translation, available only on this site)

The Chaucer Review: An Indexed Bibliography

(an index of articles in The Chaucer Review)

The Chaucer Metapage

The New Chaucer Society webpage

The Chaucer guide to online resources

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More Medieval Imagery

Medieval Wall Painting in the English Parish Church

Albert Masters’s Manuscript Guide

(a gateway to sites with manuscript illuminations)

Hill Monastic Manuscript Library

(images from medieval manuscripts)

Bodleian Library Collection, Oxford
(browse the images from the manuscript collection)

Earthlore – Gothic Dreams: The Appreciation of a Cultural Legacy
(Images from selected medieval cathedrals, including Canterbury)

Huntington Library – the Ellesmere Chaucer
(Images from one the most famous, and one of the earliest, manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales)

Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
(Pictures of medieval life through the seasons, from one of the most famous of medieval illuminated manuscripts. As well as giving accurate contemporary images of life, dress, and the Duke’s castles, many scenes relate to Chaucer’s stories (such as the May scene and the Knight’s Tale). The scenes also contain seasonal astrological images which can be related to the Tales. This late fourteenth-century manuscript is contemporary with the earliest Canterbury Tales manuscripts.)

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Miscellaneous Links

How a Trebuchet actually works
An animated guide to the workings of this medieval weapon. (requires Macromedia Flash plugin)

Alchemy Web Site
(especially useful for the Canon’s Yeoman, but full of interesting material on medieval alchemy)

The Medieval Science Page
(Lots more interesting material about scientific knowledge and practice in the Middle Ages)

Aberdeen Bestiary
(Images and ideas from a medieval bestiary, very useful for the Nun’s Priest)

Castles on the Web
(Information about a selection of medieval castles)

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All of these provide information and links to other valuable sites, for Chaucer and for other medieval literature.


The Labyrinth

Voice of the Shuttle


Literary Resources on the Net

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