Newsletter: Issue 12

Teaching library

April 2007

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  • Director’s Foreword – Ben Knights
  • Meaningful Contexts: An interview with Alan Liu
    Nicole King spoke to Professor Alan Liu in December about his development as a teacher and how he began to explore and incorporate digital technology into his teaching practice.
  • Literary Research and Academic Careers in Japanese Universities
    Japanese universities have a tradition of patronage and apprenticeships, and an explicit link to nationalism. However, all this is changing, and rapidly, due in part to the advent of new media technologies.
  • Engaging with the Present, Believing in the Future: why our student’s career planning should matter to us.
    Career management skills will play an increasingly important part in the lives of our undergraduate in the coming years, but why should we become involved?
  • English: The long view from A-level to graduation
    From sixth form to the world of work, a new study conducted at the University of Central Lancashire probes the decision-making process and benefits of doing a degree in English.
  • Accessible and inclusive teaching in English
    As the use of e-learning becomes prevalent within the English Subject Community, we all need to consider issues of accessibility for our students and master some good practice techniques.
Book reviews
  • A review of Defining Literary Criticism: Scholarship, Authority and the Possession of Literary Knowledge 1880-2002 by Carol Atherton
    Reviewed by Gary Snapper
  • A review of Postcolonial Poetry in English by Rajeev S. Patke
    Reviewed by Laura Blakeman
News and Reports
  • Research, Reflection & Response: Creating and assessing online discussion forums in English Studies
    Rosie Miles reports on an event she organised at Wolverhampton.
  • Teaching Shakespeare Today
    Christie Carson discusses a new Subject Centre report and the event designed around it.
  • Teaching Religion in Early Modern Studies
    Colin Brookes and Jonathan Gibson report on an event held at the University of Manchester.
  • The Transition from School to University: English studies in Scotland.
    Bethan Benwell, Scott Hames, Dale Townshend report on a one-day workshop hosted by the Department of English Studies at the University of Stirling.
  • Learning with the online Thesaurus of Old English (TOE)
  • IT Works!
    Brett lucas casts his eye over recent developments in the world of e-learning.