Teaching the New English: Teaching Holocaust Literature & Film

Diversity & Inclusion, Fiction, Literary & Critical theory, Teaching library

holocaustEdited by Robert Eaglestone and Barry Langford

Print Pub Date: December 2007
Online Date: December 2008


In recent years, the proliferation of courses on the representation of the Holocaust in literature and film has confronted lecturers and students alike with some challenging and troubling questions. Is there a ‘canon’ of Holocaust representations? Are the conventional resources of literary and cinematic study adequate to dealing with the Holocaust, or does this unique and disturbing subject demand alternative pedagogic strategies? What is the role of ethics in the classroom encounter with the Holocaust? How is the diversity of relevant disciplinary perspectives bearing on Holocaust representations – from history and sociology to media studies and philosophical aesthetics – to be managed within the confines of a conventional degree programme? In this innovative and authoritative book, Holocaust scholars and teachers from the UK and US address these and other questions in a wide-ranging collection of specially commissioned essays, drawing on a wealth of practical experience in teaching Holocaust literature and film.