Report 9: Part-time teaching – A Good Practice Guide

Part-time teaching


This report discusses the nature of the part-time teaching constituency in English Language, Literature and Creative Writing. It examines the ways in which departments, institutions and external bodies such as the English Subject Centre can support part-time teachers. Topics covered include:

  • Changes in the part-time teaching constituency
  • Case studies describing the experiences of part-time tutors in English
  • Support mechanisms (Institutional, Departmental, Module)
  • Training (e.g. in assessment procedures)

Its findings are unequivocal. It is only by identifying the ways in which part-time tutors can be integrated into the English subject community that their experience and expertise can be used most productively. As its authors note: `Part-time tutors who are supported…are the most likely to develop versatile, informed and relevant teaching strategies’ which benefit not only themselves but their employers and the students whom they teach.

Author: Siobhán Holland
Published: August 2004
ISBN: 0 902 19429 1

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