Library services: Other questions

Library services

  1. Can the library advise on copyright?
    The library may have a copyright specialist on the staff, ask your subject librarian for help.
  2. The library says it’s running out of space, what should I do?
    If space is a problem in your library there may be a strategy to provide books and journals electronically rather than physically on the library shelves.
    Does the library have a policy on weeding?
    The library will probably have a collection management policy which will cover such issues as stock weeding. This may be available on the library website.
  3. Who do I talk to in the library about collection issues and user education?
    Your subject librarian is you first point of contact for all library issues.
  4. The university says I have to send my article to the institutional repository, does this mean I can’t publish elsewhere?
    No, the university has an agreement with most academic publishers that will allow you to publish your article first. The university’s copy will be made available some months after publication.
  5. Why do I have to queue / pay fines/ return books?
    Pressures on library stock and staffing budgets in recent years have meant that it is now most unlikely that academic staff will be afforded special privileges in their libraries. If fines are owed it may be possible for your department to pay them for you. If you need books for longer periods of time it may be possible to arrange for a long loan with your library.
  6. Can I have access to electronic resources at home or out of library hours?
    Subject to licensing agreements, some electronic resources are available off campus by means of an Athens ID, an extra password allowing you access to the library’s databases from your home computer. See your subject librarian for help.
  7. I have a complaint about library services, who should I see?
    Your subject librarian can advise you on the person to see about your complaint, usually a senior member of library staff.