This project led by Dr Ceri Sullivan at the University of Wales, Bangor, aimed to create a DVD and a series of webclips showing a day in a life of a first year English student. The intention was to try and demystify something of the undergraduate experience in order that potential students of English would have a better idea of what day-to-day life might be like nine to five. This resulting DVD allows the viewer to shadow a “real” undergraduate through different aspects of his day. The six minute-long fly-on-the-wall clips show a student:

Project design

Design of a DVD containing a series of fly-on-the-wall clips show a student attending a lecture, taking part in a seminar, working in the library etc. which allowed for a practical and functioning end product that could be used at open days and also displayed on the WWW. The resulting DVD shows a first-year student:

Watch the videos here

Key findings


Using voice over format the viewer sees both the activities occurring and the student responding to them. The DVD strips away fallacies about English students being a tremulous group of sensitive beings innately able to respond to a text, and show them as people who do all sorts of things with words, with precision, imagination, enjoyment, and diligence.

Overall it is hoped that the DVD might play a part in aiding transition between school and university level English as well as helping Departments recruit appropriate students and retain them by educating their expectations.

Copies of the DVD have been sent to every English Department. Careers advisors and sixth-form tutors may also wish to make a link-through to the current page.

Project leader

Dr. Ceri Sullivan
Department of English
University of Wales Bangor
Tel: 01248-382102

Project Partner/s

Dr. Andrew Moor, English Dept, University of Wales Bangor.