The Student Experience: Student blogs

Student experience

Between November 2009 and May 2010, six undergraduates, David, Hannah, Hope, Matt, Steph and Susan, blogged for the Subject Centre, focussing largely, though not exclusively, on their academic work.

The blogs have now been archived as separate ‘Word’ documents which can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Highlights of the bloggers’ work appeared in an article in Wordplay issue 3 (April 2010).

David is from the north-east of England. Whe he wrote his blog, he was in the third year of his English Language degree, representing England at karate in his spare time.

‘much like the A1 this winter, my timetable quickly became a slippery slope’ (15 January 2010)

Hannah was in the first year of her degree in English and Creative Writing when she wrote for us, looking forward with both nervousness and excitement to semester two.

‘I have had to set my mind to reading Middlemarch as quickly as I could. I was totally engrossed and much to the annoyance of my roommates insisted on recounting the story to them every time there was a twist.’ (18 January)

At the time of writing her blog, Hope was in the second term of her degree course on English Literature and Journalism. She was enjoying reading Great Expectations more than The Monk.

‘The class was most dejected when we had dutifully got up and in on time, and the lecturer was forty minutes late, due to the snow.’ (17 January)

Matt was, at the time he wrote his blog, a first-year studying English and Drama. He enjoyed the independence that university life brings and in his spare time worked as a dj at his university’s community radio station.

‘The only problem I now have is how do I improve on my grades? Lecturer feedback is certainly helpful but lecturer handwriting is another matter entirely!’(18 January)

Steph was a second-year English Literature and Creative Writing student when she wrote her blog for us. A part-time employee in her campus bookstore, she found it hard to restrain herself from stopping students from buying The Turn of the Screw.

‘In a moment of temporary insanity I also purchased Michael Cunningham’s The Hours in Oxfam. I don’t really have time to read it on top of everything else, but Nicole Kidman just looked so lovely on the cover.’ (18 January)

Susan was, when she wrote her blog, a first-year mature student in English Literature and Language. She found it a challenge to juggle her English Language and Literature degree with the responsibilities of childcare and housework.

‘I got my first essay back and to be fair, since the feedback I have been feeling jittery and rather mark makes it look like I did not make an effort, but my worry is I really did!!’(23 January)