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Project description

We established a short mock interview programme that allowed English students to access the dynamic, interactive exchange that occurred between the candidate and interviewer and used evidence-led assessment by the student to improve performance. During a short interview the candidate’s responses were recorded on videodisk and then played back directly. Candidate and interviewer observed and discussed, with the candidate making short notes on a proforma feedback sheet.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Project report

Benefits to English students

To an increasing extent, students are expected to engage earlier with the job market in order to improve their employability and career management skills. Many courses now provide workshops or related training sessions on job-hunting skills that include CV design, interviews and selection centres. The problem remains, however, in students gaining relevant practical experience with interviews. This project built knowledge and confidence about critical communication in selection interviews.

Outline plan of activities

A recruitment expert was available during the latter part of February to conduct up to 12 interviews, with feedback, for English students. Each student was asked to evaluate their own session and the findings were summarised in the project report. The opportunity will be promoted via Careers Centre e-mails.

Other information

Steps were taken to protect confidentiality of interview recordings. Self-assessment against criteria by the student enhanced self-awareness and contribute to understanding assessment and learning processes in the final year.

Contact details

Lorna Froud
Oxford Brookes University