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Project description

We developed English undergraduate students’ awareness of the skills required to perform effectively at interview. This was achieved by the development of an interview skills workshop, which included interactive interview skills development using McMasters techniques and a demonstration of the Sheffield Hallam University ‘Interviewer’ interactive software package.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Project report

Benefits to English students

As students on a non-vocational course of study, their career management needs include being able to identify and articulate the skills and attributes that they have developed from their English course in a way that is appropriate to the specific post for which they are applying. The interviews skills workshop enabled them to do this in a supportive environment .

Outline plan of activities

  • Negotiated with academic staff to build on previous career management work with students.
  • Set learning outcomes for the session
  • Used AGCAS video ‘Why Ask me That?’ to stimulate discussion on appropriate interview techniques and strategies
  • Identified specific interview questions useful for stimulating reflection on the skills developed through their English course
  • Ran a McMasters interactive interview session which enabled the practice of identified skills and techniques
  • Demonstrated the SHU ‘Interviewer’ interactive software package

Follow up session with a written exercise in articulating strengths and experience, relevant to a specific work opportunity

Other information

This session formed part of a coherent suite of career management skills work with this cohort.

Contact details

Alison McHale
Sheffield Hallam University