Careers service: Enterprising English – Using your degree to start your own business

Employability & Enterprise

Project Description

This project involved hosted seminars which helped students studying English explore their enterprising potential and the kinds of businesses they might start, building on their degree and experience.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Project report

Benefits to English students

Activities and sessions were run in the school, specifically for English students. They had the opportunity to explore enterprise and entrepreneurship with other English students.

In what ways was your project new or innovatory

Historically, English students do not take part in student enterprise activities, despite the career opportunities this might open up to them.  This will be the first time we have specifically targeted enterprise activities at English students.

Outline Plan of Activities

  • You – the Entrepreneur?! – October 2007
  • From Idea to Opportunity – November 2007
  • Meet the Entrepreneur – December 2007
  • Coaching and advice – offered 1:1 or in small groups

Sessions run through the Careers Centre and by external organisations like the Scottish Institute for Enterprise, Business Gateway and Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust

Specific materials on self-employment, running your own business and case studies were developed.

Other information

Students with good ideas were encouraged to take part in our ‘Big Ideas’ competition and those who wish, will be supported to develop a business plan for Quantum Leap, our student business plan competition.

Contact Details

Bonnie Hacking
University of St Andrews