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Project Description

I will develop the work of the Careers Service with first year English Literature Students through an early-years seminar and supporting literature, and promoting the newly-developed dedicated career planning web-pages for English Literature students.

This is one a series of projects. You can read about them all on the main project page.

Project report

Benefits to English students

Many students choose to study English because of interest, love of literature and ability to do well in the subject, with little thought about their future career. Current Careers Service departmental work with English Literature students does not start until their third year. By this time students can have lost valuable time developing their understanding of the skills they use to study English, and their transferability to the workplace.

Working with students in their first year at university would give the Careers Service the opportunity to outline their options after graduation, indicate the skills and experience employers are looking for in graduates and demonstrate how these can be developed during their time at university through academic and extra-curricular activities, volunteering, vacation and part-time work.

Encouraging students to recognise their own skill-development through the study of English literature at this early stage could also help them to become more reflective, focused and engaged learners as they identify and recognise the skills they are using to study English and understand their transferability into the workplace.

Early input from the Careers Service will encourage students to think sooner rather than later about their future after graduation. It will give them ample time to focus on and develop relevant skills and experience which will stand them in good stead when making choices about their future direction, making applications and going for interviews.

Promoting the newly-developed dedicated careers web-pages will raise the profile of the Careers Service and help students find their way through the maze of careers information to the material most relevant to them, whatever stage they are at in their university career and their career planning.

Other Information

The Careers Service has been actively working with the English Literature department to promote career planning with English Literature students in recent years. The department is keen to support initiatives to work with students early in their university career to help ensure successful transition on graduation.

Contact Details

Janet Forsyth
University of Edinburgh