Mentoring: Additional reference


Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)
The website of an FDTL-funded project at Bournemouth University which implemented and publicised Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL), ‘a student-to-student support scheme for academic and personal development’ developed from the American practice of ‘Supplemental Instruction’.

National Mentoring Consortium (University of East London)
In this scheme, undergraduates from ethnic minorities and disadvantaged social groups are mentored by professionals as a preparation for the world of work. The National Mentoring Consortium (NMC) currently works with 15 universities.

Online mentoring—a role in widening participation?
A report by Mark Kent on a pilot project at Manchester Metropolitan University which argues that online mentoring has the potential to play an important role ‘in supporting students in HE and in offering pre-entry support to groups unlikely to consider HE as an option’.

Mentoring and Tutoring
A subscription-only journal published by Taylor and Francis.