Web-based resources for teaching, research and general use, on Robert Bloomfield and Thomas Chatterton

Bloomfield, Chatterton, E-Learning, Romantic literature


Brief description

The project developed web-based resources on the less well-known Romantic poets Robert Bloomfield and Thomas Chatterton. A website was produced with two sections, one on each poet, containing resources including primary texts, secondary texts, reference material, images and pedagogical exercises.


The primary purpose of this project was to enhance the teaching, especially at university undergraduate level, of both Chatterton and Bloomfield and of the topics for study that they represent, e.g. Romanticism, canonicity, labouring-class poetry, literary influence. The English Division at Nottingham Trent University has pioneered in recovery research on labouring-class poetry. This in turn has fed strongly into teaching, with work at all undergraduate levels and a strong programme of postgraduate research in these areas. The problem most apparent in taking this kind of recovery work into teaching has been the lack of basic information and learning resources for students.

chattertonProject leader

Professor John Goodridge
Arts, Communications and Culture
Nottingham Trent University

Project partners

  1. The Robert Bloomfield Society
  2. The Thomas Chatterton Society (Dr Nick Groom, Secretary, Dept of English, University of Bristol)
  3. The John Clare Society (Dr Simon Kovesi, Website Officer, Oxford Brookes University)

Other resources

Project Status

Project completed: August 2010.