The potential of ‘Inspiration’ software for Dyslexic Students

Diversity & Inclusion, E-Learning

Brief description

This project, funded by TechDis’s HEAT scheme, investigated the experiences of dyslexic students studying English and the extent to which Inspiration mind mapping software might assist them. It was part of a wider project involving the compilation for the Subject Centre of a report on the experience of English students with disabilities.


Dyslexia and English Studies have a complex and contradictory relationship. English’s dependence on reading and writing skills puts significant barriers in front of dyslexic students, whilst, on the other hand, dyslexic students often possess exactly the skills most valued by English lecturers: creativity, originality and a heightened sensitivity to literary nuance. The project sought to gather information relevant to the planning of activities that would be useful for dyslexic students of English.


The project report can be read on the TechDis website. The disability report, Staying the Course: The Experiences of Disabled Students of English and Creative Writing, by Kevin Brunton and Jonathan Gibson, is on the Subject Centre website.

Project leader

Kevin Brunton
Senior Lecturer, Needs Assessor, Dyslexia IT Tutor, London Metropolitan University

Project partner/s

Project status

Project completed 2009.