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The aim of this project was to start a national discussion about teaching Shakespeare using digital resources, a discussion involving an exchange of teaching materials as well as views about pedagogic practice. It was hoped that the teaching materials generated as part of this project would reflect the interests of colleagues across the discipline. It was further hoped that the collaborative nature of the project would create a similar collaborative tone for discussion and encourage colleagues across the country to share their teaching practices.


The project grew out of the research work of Dr. Christie Carson who was seconded into the Subject Centre from the Department of Drama and Theatre at Royal Holloway. As a result of her previous work in this area the project opened up new partnership relationships between the academic study of Shakespeare and the professional theatre world. The Consultation Group for this project consisted equally of academic representatives and representatives of the key content providers, the British Library, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Globe and the National Theatre.

Project design

‘Digital Resources for Teaching and Discussion’ is an area of the website which will help to answer questions but also instigate discussion about the potential use of digital resources for the teaching of English (the website can be found at It is formed of three sections each of which assume different levels of expertise and levels of commitment to a change in the curriculum.

  • Designing Shakespeare – The first section was created assuming a collaborative relationship between the English Subject Centre and individual academics working towards creating materials for a particular course in their own departments. Digital images from the ‘Designing Shakespeare’ project were used extensively here.
  • Linking Teaching and Research – The second section involves a different level of English Subject Centre involvement in that we have acted as the observers and documenters of a specific programme, the MA in Shakespeare Studies entitled Text and Playhouse that is jointly taught by the King’s College London and the Globe Theatre, through the creation of a digital case study.. The Case Study forms part of a larger project instigated by the former LTSN Generic Centre aimed at showing how research and teaching are linked in a range of disciplines. Of particular interest in this section is the use of multimedia to drive the case study narrative. This is achieved through the development of an innovative Macromedia Flash interface to drive the presentation of video clips.
  • Completed Projects – This section of the website is designed to house an ever increasing pool of digital resources that can be used in Higher Education teaching. The premise of this initiative is that the English Subject Centre Staff will work collaboratively with individual members of the community to created custom-made resources on the understanding that these resources will be made available to the community as a whole through this website. This approach we hope will give you, as colleagues in the discipline, access to our skills and resources and give us, as the English Subject Centre, an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the uses of digital resources in specific environments.

Learning outcomes

  • An online library of examples of materials created for teaching Shakespeare, developed with representatives of the discipline representing different approaches.
  • A new digital application which will allow members of the discipline to collate their own materials for teaching from disparately held digital collections.
  • An online discussion which considers the issues raised when teaching with digital resources.
  • A final report examining the success of the project in terms of developing and promoting the use of digital resources in teaching Shakespeare across the discipline.

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Project Leader

Dr Christie Carson

Department of English

Royal Holloway, University of London

Project Partners

British Library, Globe Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, King’s College English Department, Royal Holloway College English Department

Research period

June 2003 – June 2004