Education for sustainable development: Additional reference

Education for sustainable development


Handbook of Sustainability Literacy: Skills for a Changing World
Arran Stibbe, Senior Lecturer in English Language at the University of Gloucestershire has edited this book which takes a sharp look at the skills and attributes that learners will need for surviving and thriving in the 21st century. (The Handbook, plus supporting interviews with contributors including Greg Garrard from English Literature at Bath Spa, is also available online). The handbook is critical of some mainstream skills agendas which focus narrowly on skills for industrialisation and economic expansion, and instead promotes a more open-ended approach including abilities such as values reflection, ecological intelligence, and critical awareness of the social structures that underpin unsustainable societies.

Composition and Sustainability: Teaching for a Threatened Generation
This book, by Derek Owens, argues that, in the light of worsening environmental crises and accelerating social injustices, we need to use sustainability as a way to structure courses and curricula in English studies. Published by the National Council of Teachers of English, 2001 ISBN 0814100376

Sustainability Education – edited by Paula Jones et al published by Earthscan 2010
How do we equip learners with the values, knowledge, skills, and motivation to help achieve economic, social and ecological well-being? Amid rising expectations on HE from professional associations, funders, policy makers, and undergraduates, and increasing interest amongst academics and senior management, a growing number of higher education institutions are taking the lead in embracing sustainability. This response does not only include greening the campus but also transforming curricula and teaching and learning. This book explains why this is necessary and – crucially – how to do it. Whilst the book is organised by traditional disciplines, the authors and editors emphasise transferable lessons and interdisciplinarity so that readers can learn from examples outside their own area to embed sustainability within their own curricula and teaching.


Soundings in Sustainability Literacy
This Higher Education Academy project was led by Arran Stibbe, Senior Lecturer in English Language at the University of Gloucestershire.  It conducted a coordinated exploration of sustainability literacy skills and how to embed them across the curriculum.


Guidelines and recommendations for reorienting teacher education to address sustainability
These guidelines, published by UNESCO in October 2005, contain both strategies and methods for moving forward on ESD.  The Executive Summary states that the document is ‘born of practice informed by theory, not the musings of people who simply imagine how to proceed’.  It contains case studies on both classroom practice and the development of new courses.

Romanticism, Ecology and Pedagogy
This special issue (December 2006) of the online journal Romantic Pedagogy Commons focusses on Romantic Ecology in the classroom and is supported by teaching materials.

Reading and Writing Society: the role of English Subjects in Education for Sustainability
This article by Arran Stibbe appeared in our Spring 2008 Newsletter.

Other web resources

Higher Education Academy (York) – Education for sustainable development page
This area on the Academy website contains resources for educators interested in sustainability.

These are the Welsh Assembly Government’s pages for higher education on education for sustainable development and global citizenship training.  They contain outlines of ESD training sessions, powerpoint presentations and supporting materials.

HEFCE’s Sustainable Development in HE Resource Guide
This directory of resources is to support the sustainable development work of universities and colleges in the UK.  The directory is arranged by topic so that it is possible to search for resources related to, for example, the curriculum, transport, community or biodiversity.


Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE-UK)
ASLE-UK exists to bring together people with an interest in culture and environment. Its website has an extensive list of publications on eco-criticism, green studies and related areas as well as lists of relevant conferences and membership information.

Forum for the future
The leading sustainability charity in the UK, with a mission to accelerate the building of a sustainable way of life, taking a positive solutions-oriented approach.