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This is the website of the former English Subject Centre. Here you will find a wealth of teaching resources produced during the life of the centre covering English literature, language and Creative Writing in predominantly Higher Education contexts.

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Creating opportunities

…for subject specialists to discuss teaching and pedagogy for 11 years.

A Closer Look
Renaissance literature

Curriculum areas

Resources divided into the main curriculum areas.

In the classroom

Resources that cover teaching and learning in the classroom.

Teachers & Sectors

Teachers and all the sectors they are in.

Developing your teaching

Resources that focus on the development of your teaching.


Resources that focus on our work for and with students.

Beyond the classroom

Resources that focus on teaching and learning activity outside the classroom.

Digital resources for teaching and discussion

Digital resources for teaching and Discussion

Key skills with chaucer

Key Skills with Chaucer

The Condition of the Subject

The Condition of the Subject  (International Conference 2003)


Renewals: Refiguring University English in the 21st Century (International Conference 2007)

Titles in our New English Book Series

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